About Chris - music makes pictures

Chris Liebig, Hamburg, Germany, is a singer/songwriter and guitarist. His view on songwriting and harmony singing was pretty much influenced by singers and bands like The Eagles, BeeGees, Supertramp, The Beatles,  Neil Diamond and John Denver. 

Recently he released a new single: "She" - with the CoWriter and guitarist Mario Stresow an intimate little song came out.

Chris also is a singer in his Bands "The Logical Band" and „FreeBees“, and he is booked for several projects reaching to classic concerts, when a pop voice fits into the concept. Chris writes songs and as a co-writer he delivers lyrics, too. He started touring with his „Wunderbar John Denver" solo program in 2017. Since 2016 his John Denver cover versions made the first airplays in the US. In October 2017 he was invited to perform at the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen, Colorado during the 20th. John Denver Festival. In 2019 the "Logical Band" started performing at the "Rock-am-Schloß-Konzert" in August. Also in 2019 the BeeGees Tribute Project "FreeBees" started their live acts. 

Chris started to travel around as a singer/songwriter all over Europe at the age of 16 during holidays. His solo program „Wunderbar John Denver“ 2016-2018 has been a true and deep reminiscence to John Denver. The 2017 released Album "Hamburg-Aspen" transforms some of John Denver's best known songs to a new sound, created by producer and instrumentalist Christoph Brüx, Hamburg.