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Chris is part of a brand-new band project: THE LOGICAL BAND - Supertramp Greatest and Rock Classics. First Concert coming up on August 24th 2019!

THE FREEBEES - a great tribute project for the legendary music of the brothers Gibb - starts performing in June 2019. With a private concert in Hamburg the band gives its kick-off. Way to go! 

The John Denver Tribute Album "Hamburg - Aspen" (released in Dec 2017) has become a good success - get your copy!



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The Logical Band - ROCK AM SCHLOSS

Schloß Blumendorf, Blumendorf 12, Bad Oldesloe

The Logical band is a brand-new band project Chris is joining as a lead singer. The band performs with the Hits of the legendary Band SUPERTRamp and also includes various sets of Classic Rock peaces. The event is covered by the LIONS CLUB from Stormarn as a beneficiary concert. Tickets available www.rock-am-schloss.net

Details to come


THE FreeBees - private investigations

Catch of the day, Koreastraße 1, Hafencity Hamburg

Album Release Party


Chris wants to thank all the artists and producing team for the great work on the latest album "Hamburg-Aspen", which has been a special tribute project on behalf of the legacy of US singer songwriter John Denver (1943-1997).  


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NEW ALBUM: HAMBURG - ASPEN Release in DEC 6th 2017

Take a look at the artwork!